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Subject: The adventures of Chet Pectoral - Part SixThe Adventures of Chet Pectoral
Part Six Almost five months had passed in between his ordeal in the barn and
the time when Dean next saw Matt. Dean had run home from the barn, clothed
in what little that Brick had given him. His ass throbbed and he had small
cuts on his body. There was no way he could have gone home like that.
Insead, he went to the gym. It was dark and empty and he used the shower
there to clean himself and got fresh clothes out of his locker. There were very few external signs on Dean that he had been through
an ordeal. But, he had stayed in the shower for a long time and had cried.
Not for himself really but for Chet and what had been taken away from the
two Preteen Lolita
of them that night. The memory of Chet was still fresh in his mind,
each of their hands wrapped around the other, their lips pressed together.
The memory was warm and comforting. But then there was the memory of Chet
hanging from the rafters in the barn, clamps hanging from his tits, his
body sweating and in pain. He put on a pair of sweats and headed home. It was very late and
no one was up in his home to question him. In bed, he shivered wanting to
go back to the barn, wanting to go to the police, to somehow get help for
Chet. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He had been only days away
from going to college. Finally, he would be the starting quaterback. His
whole future was in front of him. At the time, the decision had been so easy. He had other friends
to see during his last week at home and looked forward to getting to
college in Boston. The soreness in his ass quickly went away and he was
thrust rapidly into school and practices. But now all he could think of was Chet. Now, he was in the locker room alone with one of the offensive
coaches who at the moment had Dean’s cock halfway down his throat. Other
than his contact with Chet and his night in the barn it was Preteen Lolita
his first sex
with a man. There had been a few women before. And he had slept with them
just to prove himself to his teammates. The man was an excellent cocksucker. Dean had closed his eyes to
enjoy himself. He had been in the locker room late and had been
practically raped by the man who said he just did this to “loosen the
players up”. But, when Dean had opened his eyes again it was not the coach
but Chet going down on him. The vision lasted only a second but it was
enough to throw Dean for a loop. Dean Preteen Lolita got up and pushed the man off his cock, no longer into it. The man said something to him but he was already out of the room,
pulling up his sweats as he went. He walked out of the locker room and
into the parking lot. Preteen Lolita It was late and there werer only a few cars, of
which Dean took no notice. His thoughts were on Chet. “Where are you now?” he said to himself. It was late January and the days were short and cold. He headed to
his car intending to go home. There were parties to go to and friends that
wanted to do things but he could bring himself to do neither, wanting
instead to spend a quiet evening in his rented house. As always, his
thoughts of Chet and what might have been consumed him. Ahead a figure approached. Probably heading to the gym for a
workout, Dean thought. The gym was the next building over. But, as the
figure got closer, Dean froze. It was him. “Hello,” Brick said. Dean dropped the bag he was carrying and raised his fist; he was
prepared this time and would defend himself against this man. Better yet,
Dean thought, he would find out where Chet was, if he had do beat it out of
the man. Brick had eyed Dean from the parking lot. He was amazed at the
change in Dean in such a short time. Dean’s long hair had been buzz cut
into a bristly flattop. His body, impressive then was even larger now and
the muscles visible to Brick rippled. Obviously the man had spent a lot of
time in the gym. Brick stopped short in his approach and it was Dean now who
approached him moving boldly to face him. He admired that and though he
was confident he could defend himself, Preteen Lolita he reached into the pocket of his
leather jacket and put his hand around the grip of the gun he had hidden
there. “WHERE IS HE!” Dean was screaming, spit flying out of his mouth
toward Brick. All the emotions, pent up for so long inside him since that
night in the barn, came flying out, his fury finally having something to
direct itself at. It was only then that Brick realized that the man had actually been
in love with Chet. “Stop for a minute,” Brick had taken his hand off the gun in his
pocket holding his hands out. But Dean didn’t listen. His rage had blinded him and he struck
Brick on the jaw sending him backward. Brick staggered backward, but did
not fall. But Dean moved with him, grabbing Brick by the jacket and
shaking him. Brick was a big man, weighing more than Dean but Dean was
taller and had the strength of his convictions and his anger and it
propelled him in the confrontation like a man rescuing a daughter from a
burning car. Brick felt his heels leave the ground, he was amazed that
Dean was actually picking him up. Brick reached into his pocket to get his gun then thought better of
it. He saw a girl by the gym. She stood in the shadows, watching the
scuffle. They were too public here for him to do anything so bold as to
shoot Dean. “If you want to know anything about Chet you’re going to put me
down right now boy,” Brick looked directly into the angry man’s eyes,
confronting him. There was hesitation in Dean’s eyes and that was all that
Brick needed. Brick thrust his Preteen Lolita hands down and into Dean’s chest. Then he
struck Dean in Preteen Lolita the face, hard. Dean went backwards falling to the ground. “I just want to talk,” Brick said. He reached out his hand to Dean, intending to help him up, but Dean
brushed it away.
“What did you do with Chet? Where is he?” Dean got up off the
ground and grabbed his bag.
“Let’s go somewhere and talk about this.”
“If you think I’m going anywhere with you, you’re even more fucked
up than I thought.” “Listen boy, I’m here to save your ass.” Brick was beginning to
like this boy, he was showing spunk after all. For a second he pictured he
and Chet together, the chemistry would have been magic. They would have
been a formidable pair. “How are you going to do that.” Dean stood directly in front of
Brick, refusing to be intimidated. “Do you know where Chet’s brother is?” “I don’t give a fuck where he is. Now tell me where Chet is.”
Dean got closer. Preteen Lolita Brick could tell that he was beginning to boil over with
emotion again. He thought about knocking Dean out and taking him back to
his van but rejected the idea. They were attracting attention. Preteen Lolita The girl
had disappeared for a moment into the building Dean had come out of, now
she emerged with anther young guy. The girl indicated towards Brick and
the guy began to head their way. The girl went back inside the building,
to get even more reinforcements, Brick decided. He had to make this short and sweet. “Listen boy,” Brick leaned into him, almost whispering in his ear.
“Chet is gone. He’s alive but he’s never coming back. I promised him I’d
warn you about his brother. He’s coming for you.”
Dean froze. Brick could tell he was getting to him. Brick grabbed
him by his shirt and pulled Dean towards him.
“Chet’s brother is here and just waiting for a chance to get at
you.” Message Preteen Lolita delivered, Brick pushed Dean away. Dean stumbled backwards
but did not fall. Behind him, the young man and girl picked up their pace
and moved to help. Brick began to walk away but turned back towards the
boy for a moment. “Watch your back,” he said. The young guy, dressed in sweats of the college football team,
reached Dean. “You alright?” He walked past Dean and towards the black man who
was moving rapidly away from them. Dean grabbed him by the arm.
“Let him go.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I don’t think he’ll be Preteen Lolita coming back.” Dean watched him drive away in his van, mentally making a note of
the license plate number. After all of this he had finally learned that
Chet was alive. It was then that Dean decided he would find him, no matter
what the cost. And, as for Matt, he was now informed but Matt had taken
advantage of him once and he would not do that again. It had been only a
short time ago but he had been a lot more naive and a lot less ready. This
time he would be different.
Matt would be the one learning the lesson this time.
“Where you headed?” Gus, the guy who had come to help him said. “I was going home,” he said, “but I think I’m going to go back to
the gym now. I have some frustrations to work out.” At the same time as the confrontation between Dean and Brick, Chet
was moving slowly down the hallway towards the main room of the complex.
His body was still sore, but the bruises, that had covered his body were
fading, and his energy was returning. But, he still was not back to his
old self Preteen Lolita
yet. He could hear noise ahead of him, young men talking and
laughing. There were several doors leading down the hallway most were closed.
The few doors that were open contained men. Chet was amazed at how
different they all were. They were every age, race and type imaginable.
If this truly were a Preteen Lolita stud farm, then someone could get anything they wanted
here, as long as it was male. Some were reading, others watching videos, some just talking.
Behind one open door, a young blond boy with a hard on too big for him lay
on his bed. As Chet passed, the boy called to him.
“Let’s have some fun guy.”
Obviously the boy was obeying the order about not touching himself. “Sorry, going to class.” Chet was naked, his dick stiff in its
cock cage. He couldn’t have done anything with the boy even if he wanted.
In class they wanted you hard and ready when the cage came off. “Next time,” the boy said. Chet got to the end of the hallway and went into the large living
room area. Several of the men in there turned to look at him as he came
in. This was his third day in class and he had begun to get used to
everyone looking at him. The first time everyone had stopped and looked at
him. It had been the first time he had seen anyone other than Vince and
Ben in the complex. He had been nervous but had gotten hard as Ben had
instructed when the cage came off. The cage kept him so horny. He turned left moving toward the doors at the far end of the room.
There were several entrances and Chet went into the one labeled Classroom
2. He looked to the doors right, where the entrance to the Doctor stood.
Still, several weeks after he had arrived at the farm, he shivered
remembering what the doctor had done to him. He opened the door, he had left early but was still the last one to
arrive. The instructor was there. His name was Steve and he was big.
Steve had obviously been bodybuilding for years. He was about five feet
eight inches tall and well over two hundred pounds of muscle. Broad
shoulders and back accentuated by huge traps, he was a walking hunk of
beef. He stood at the front of the room. Although he did not have to be
naked, he was, he had told them that it was to make them feel more
comfortable. His legs were so thickly muscled that they rubbed together.
The only unimpressive thing on him was his dick which was less than six
inches but thicker than normal. He greeted Chet as he entered and pointed
to the last of the tables. There were three tables for the students of the class. Each was
comfortably padded and had pillows. They reclined and rose, depending on
the need. The other two tables were already occupied. The table closest
to the door was occupied by a short, older man. He had thinning blond
hair, a dark tan and an average build. The man\s cock was hard and ready.
Although it was just average size, he was impressed by something else about
the cock. It was uncircumcised and Chet had marveled at it. It had been
the first one that Chet had ever seen. During the first class Chet had
held it and marveled at how it popped out of its foreskin. The man stroked
it, pulling the foreskin back and forth. The instructor came over to Chet
and unlocked and removed his cock cage. Chet’s cock instantly rising to
full attention. “Feels good don’t it.” The other student was named Austin. He was young, in his twenties.
He had longish blond hair, cut short on the sides but long in the back. It
was curly, pulled back away from his face. He had high cheekbones, full
lips and a tightly muscled body. He wasn’t hugely muscled, just tight,
with no body fat. He too, was hard and erect, ready for the class. They both looked at Chet, acknowledging him. The instructor
pointed to the third table. “Our virgin is here,” he said. The class had limited him. Because of his virginity and the need
to keep it that way until he was sold, he could not actually have sex like
the other two Preteen Lolita
in the class. They had sex while he watched and got hornier
and hornier. Chet was very thankful at least to have Ben. When he would
get out of class, Ben would be there. They had progressed from just
jerking each other off to laying down and playing with each other. Chet would be horny and hard and come back to his room and find Ben
waiting there for him in his bed. They would roll around and rub against
each other. Chet would cum quickly, after two hours of watching the others
in class get it on. But Ben would take his time and waited for Chet to get
hard again before pleasuring himself. Then they would cum together and lay
there, in each other’s arms. He had developed closeness with Ben that he had never found with
anyone else, not even Dean. Ben was there for him and he could feel that
Ben felt much more for him than just a mentor. Make no mistake, Chet felt
more for Dean than he could ever imagine. But he was beginning to wonder
if it was just unfinished business he was feeling. In class, Steve was talking about anal sex and various positions. “Wish we could get it on,” Austin said to Chet, stroking himself.
His dick was average size but very attractive, perfect for his body type.
“That guy really doesn’t do it for me.” “If I can interrupt,” Steve said, “Austin, your the bottom today.” Chet saw Austin grimace, hating the thought of having the older man
fuck him. There was lube at the edge of the table and Austin got some and
put it on his ass. The older man began to get up but Steve held his hand
out to him. “Not you,” Steve said as he climbed up on the table. Chet was amazed, Steve was actually going to participate in the
fun. He was already lubed up and eased himself into Austin. Steve grabbed
Austin’s legs and put them on his shoulders. “Remember your strokes guys,” Steve said with a little bit of a
moan. Under Preteen Lolita
him Austin began to grunt with each stroke. Steve had taught various strokes to use, fast, slow and rhythmic
and illustrated the fact that you could use different angles and go in
different depths. All of this really didn’t matter to Chet. It seemed
that once you got going you would do what you wanted or what the guy wanted
but for some reason they wanted him to know this stuff and he humored them. Steve began to touch Austin, stroking him all over.
“How does it feel?” He asked him.
“Big.” Chet was sitting on the end of his table facing them. Across from
him the older man, fondled himself as he watched. Austin’s eyes rolled in the back of his head. Steve motioned to
the other two to get off their tables and come to him. They both did as
they were told getting closer to watch. Chet watched in amazement as he
saw Steve’s cock go in and out of Austin’s tight ass. As Steve pulled his
dick out, Chet could see the skin of Austin’s anus pull outward and grip
Steve’s dick. “Clench your ass around my dick, boy,” he said. Steve threw his
head back then grinning with pleasure, “yeah, like that grip it harder, let
me feel you.”
Steve grabbed Austin’s hand and put it around the older guys dick.
Austin’s eyes opened, and he grinned. He looked at Chet than and grinned
as he reached out and took his dick in the other hand. This was the first time Chet was allowed to be touched in class.
Austin’s hand felt great and he reached over to touch Austin’s body. He
marveled at how good it felt, how smooth and tight it was. He grabbed
Austin’s cock and began to stroke it. It didn’t take long for Austin to
cum and Steve soon followed. Both their loads covered Austin. Chet and
the balding man came together, also on Austin. When it was over, Austin reached down to rub the cum of the four of
them all over his body. He lay back then, exhausted. Steve got off the table and got a towel to wipe himself off. “Now, I want all of you to get hard again.” The rest of the class was the real education. Chet quickly learned
that there was an art to sustaining yourself. In this job, and that’s what
it was, a job, they wanted you continually hard and ready, even if you had
just shot your wad. The daily pills and occasional shots that Chet and the
others were taking helped matters, by making them tremendously horny. Chet
thought it would take him a few minutes to get hard again, but he never
really got soft.
The real work began then and for Chet it was a surprise. “Who do you want to blow Chet?” Steve asked. “What do you mean?” Chet’s mouth dropped open. They all knew that
he couldn’t have sex and Chet reached down to feel the cock ring, fearing
the consequences of violating the order. All of them looked at Chet and his cock bounced up and down
involuntarily at the thought of actual sex. Even when they had learned
blowjob techniques Chet was not allowed to practice them like the others,
instead he had to use a dildo, which made him feel ridiculous. Steve
sensed the question. “I had your friend Ben and then I had him speak to the powers that
be. After thinking it over they decided it Preteen Lolita would be a good idea for you to
practice some of the fundamentals and since that doesn’t take away your
virginity, your going to learn like the rest of the guys here. No harm
done.” He smiled then, letting what he said sink in. Then he added, “by
the way, nice tight ass that one has there. You’ll Preteen Lolita like it.” Chet didn’t wait for anyone to reconsider the offer. Whether
because of the drugs or the fact that there was so much hot sex going on
here and he hadn’t been a part of it, he was horny as hell and determined
to make himself part of the action. He got up and went immediately over to
the instructor and got on his knees in front of him. Chet chose him
because his dick wasn’t as intimidating as the other two and since he was
an instructor, he would learn the right way to do it. He looked at the instructor’s dick, it was smaller than a lot of
guys he had seen here, much smaller than his but it was thick and had an
impressively large head. Chet opened his mouth, saliva forming. “Wait,” Steve said, “listen to my instructions.” Steve reached
into a drawer and pulled out a pair of clover tit clamps. He put them on
Chet’s tits and he moaned as they went on. They were so damn tight. Steve
grabbed the chain between the clamps and pulled him by the chain onto his
cock. Chet nodded the put the head of the dick in his mouth, it was soft
and hard at the same time, and felt like velvet. It felt good, right. “Do like I taught you,” Steve said, his voice had gotten deeper, he
was enjoying himself. Chet worked the head moving it back and Preteen Lolita forth in his mouth, gently
chewing it. While the dick was in his mouth he flicked his tongue against
the piss slit. He heard Steve groan enjoying it. Then, ever so slowly, he
went down on the dick. It slid into his mouth easily, inch by inch. He
was surprised how easily he took it in his mouth. He had watched a lot of
sucking in the past few weeks and had Preteen Lolita been amazed at some of the men as
they gagged on huge dicks. But he didn’t gag, it actually felt good. It
bounced in his mouth, and he could feel it throb. He had Steve all the way
in his mouth and held it there. The dick bounced up and down. It felt
good in there and he looked up at Steve. “Good job, boy.” Steve threw his head back and closed his eyes
enjoying. Behind Chet, Austin was incredibly turned on by the scene. He got
off the bed behind Chet who was franticly chowing down on Steve’s throbbing
cock. He squatted down behind Chet his dick laying nicely in the crack of
Chet’s ass. He pressed himself against Chet, feeling the muscles in their
bodies rub against each other. It turned Austin on incredibly and must
have had the same effect on Chet because he only increased his frantic work
on the dick. Austin rubbed his dick back and forth sweat was dripping off
Chet as his head bounced up and down. Chet was obviously starved for dick. The sweat lubed up Chet’s ass and Austin’s dick slid up and down
easily. He could have plunged it in then easily but would not do so unless
allowed. Unconsiously he felt the cock ring. If he did it they would know
and he would loose his cock and balls. Austin grabbed Chet’s tit clamps
and removed them. Chet yelled but continued to suck. Austin grabbed
Chet’s sore nips and rubbed and twisted them. Apparently, he had given
Chet an idea because he reached up and grabbed Steve’s tits, twisting them
as well. As fast as Steve had allowed Chet to start working on his dick, he
stopped Chet, pushing him backwards. Chet fell back and hit Austin
knocking them both backwards. Chet lay on top of him panting. “I don’t want to cum yet, boy.” Steve said, “Suck your friend
there.” Austin, who lay on the floor smiled in anticipation and lay back
ready. Above him, Chet turned around and kissed him. Their mouths ground
together, tongues working franticly, searching each other. Austin reached
for Chet’s tits again, twisting them. Chet’s cock bounced. He moved down
Austin’s body, stopping at each tit. He put each one in his mouth and
worked it. First, gently with his tongue, flicking it across the nub of
flesh there. Then, with he used his teach, grinding the tit in his mouth.
Below him Austin squirmed. Chet moved down his hairy body till he got to
his large dick. There was no teasing here, like he did with Steve,
instead, he thrust the entire length of the shaft in his mouth. Again, he
was amazed at how easily he did this and he was Preteen Lolita
surprised by the fact that
he too the entire thing in his mouth. He did it without gagging. He used
his throat muscles and tongue to move it around in his mouth. “He’s really good at this,” Austin said to Steve, moaning. Steve reached between Chet’s legs and pulled his dick backwards.
He began to stroke it. Chet only increased his frenzied work on Austin’s
hot dick. Above them, the final member of their group got off his table to
join them. He decided to work on tits and took one of Austin’s beefy nubs
of flesh in his mouth. He used his hands to work Austin’s other tit and
reached over to twist Chet’s as well. All of this action was too much for Chet who had been a Preteen Lolita spectator
for too long and unable to participate. He moaned and closed his eyes,
cumming, while he held Austin’s beautiful dick in his mouth. “AAAAARRRRRRR,” he Preteen Lolita moaned cumming with more force than he could
remember. “My turn,” Austin said, warning Chet to move away. But Chet didn’t
move, he simply held the dick in his mouth. Austin began to gasp and shake
as spasms ripped through his body, his dick constantly stimulated by the
Chet’s mouth. But Chet continued his assault on the dick stroking it and
moving it. Under him, Austin began to buck shaking. Chet’s mouth flooded
with cum, it was his first load and he Preteen Lolita drank it down his throat keeping eye
contact with Austin the whole time. The other two came soon after and finally Chet released the dick in
his mouth. He did not want to spill a drop. Chet looked at Austin, their
faces just inches from each other. He liked Austin, and his smaller,
tighter body. They were both breathing heavily and dripping with sweat.
Beads of sweat dripped off Chet and landed on Austin. Austin’s hands were
on Chet, caressing him. Chet leaned down and put his mouth on Austin’s.
Their tongues mingled and their saliva mixed. For a moment it was just the
two of them and Chet longed for them to be alone, in a more intimate
sentiment. That ended the class and they each left, naked and covered with
sweat and cum. The three students headed for the showers, Chet and Austin
walking together. In the shower, they soaped each other up, rubbing each
other’s body. Chet was amazed that they were getting hard again. “I want to have sex with you so bad,” Austin said. “I know,” Chet reached up to twist the man’s tits, “I feel the same
way.” They lingered in the shower that way, a moment alone, or so they
thought. Neither saw the video cameras that constantly monitored them.End Part Six

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